Swedish Jujutsu Federation and Combat Camp Association of Sweden  is arranging Combat Camp Sweden and hope that this will become a future tradition to come to start the New Year! The camp is style-independent and for all different belt and age levels! The idea is that everyone gets a good training camp, a great experience and gets to meet new amazing friends!


Ingemar Sköld (SWE)
Rob Haans (SWE) Fighting / Self Defence / DISQ
Joakim Vistam (SWE) Fighting
Ruben Assmann (NED) Duo / Self Defence / Kids
Colin Kist (NED) Fighting System / Self Defence / Kids
Eric Humbert (FRA) Fighting / Self defence
Wilhelm Erber (AUT) Ne waza / BJJ
Benjamin Lah (SLO) Fighting / Kids
Emil Gustafsson (SWE) Ne Waza
Guillaume Piquet (FRA) Fighting-Ne Waza
Palle Lund Hansen (DAN) Self defence
Martin Ingholt (SWE) Ne Waza
Markus Grimminger (GER) Duo System-Self Defence

Prices for the camp:
SEK 1700 Seniors over 16 years, including stay in dojo and all meals.
SEK 1000 Juniors between 8-15 years, including stay in dojo and all meals.
All other countries, please remember to pay in Swedish Kronor!

Included meals:
Dinner on Friday
Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner on Saturday
Breakfast and Take-away lunchbox on Sunday (the Camp ends at 12.00)

Price/day (only training) Seniors 550 SEK – Juniors 350 SEK
Register on www.combatcampsweden.se last day December 30
Last day of payment to our account Januari 3th, after this cash at check in only + 100 SEK .

The bank account for all Swedish payments is:
Swedbank Konto: Föreningen Combat Camp
Kontonummer: 8169-5,924843495-4 Or BG 612-1180

361 30  Emmaboda
Tel 0471-25550

swish   Pay with swish 123 267 06 85

The bank account for all foreign payment is:
ACCOUNT HOLDER: Föreningen Combat Camp
IBAN NR: SE02 8000 0816 9592 4843 4954

Please do not forget to indicate your first and last name on the payment.

Hörby Sportcenter
Byggmästaregatan 6, 242 32 Hörby

Schedule for the camp:
Coming Soon!!!

Check in for the camp start on Friday the 5th from 14.00
We will have about 10 classes for each group. For the fighting/ duo and ne waza. There will be multiple randori classes during the weekend!!! On Saturday we will have a Combat Camp Mixed Team Competition! This will be used for the certification of the referees.
For the kids we have a special program where we mix Judo-Ju Jitsu and Ne Waza with fun activity’s.
Everybody (from the pre-registration) will receive a Combat Camp/ JJEU Diploma!
We will also have a seminar about doping/ epo during the camp.
We look forward to see you on the camp!

Rob Haans
+46 763 180 125

Michael Kuntz