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Great event on Saturday evening!!

Hello Everybody!

Yesterday there was exactly one month to go! Registrations are coming in and it looks like this year is going to be really great!

This year we will have a little event on saturday evening! We will have a small mixed team competition! We will have a team with Judo- Fighting System, Duo System and Ne waza!

As you might have seen we have a referee education at the camp as well, and some of the referees will go exam on the Combat Camp. Therefore we will have this little friendly team competition. We will make mix teams with everybody who is interested in helping the referees and have some nice training matches!

This evening we are going to have some great entertainment as well!

We will have great performance of Peter Rosendahl (yes, him who is instructing at the camp :-)), the fastest man on one wheel!!!

Look here for some clip of Peter!

Our sponsor Pölsemannen will also have some great contribution to the event! 🙂 (more about that later)

Have a nice evening!








Soke Jan Erik Karlsson will teach at the Combat Camp!

Jan Erik Karlsson billede Jan Erik Karlsson

We are very happy to announce that Soke Jan Erik Karlsson will teach at the Combat Camp! Jan Erik is the founder of the Hokushin Ko Ryu Federation and he has a traditional Budo school in Lund called the House of Samurai. But besides all the different budo disciplines they have Thai boxning, BJJ, MMA and Submission Wrestling and many more. A very good example of how to have traditional and modern martial arts under the same roof!

You can read more about the House of Samurai on there website:








Account number!

Hello Everybody.

We found out that there is a small mistake in the brochure about the camp. The bankaccount number for payments from outside Sweden is wrong.
The correct accountnumber is:

Svenska Jujutsulandslaget
IBAN SE60 8000 0816 9591 4758 7084

Have a nice day!

More information about the scedule!


Hello Everybody!

We are very exited about to see that we receive registrations from different kinds of Countries, clubs, styles, belt degrees and ages! That is the whole thought with the Combat Camp! Get together once a year, have fun, meet new friends and train for great instructors!

We have gotten some questions about the scedule. We are working on that right now, but the final scedule will probably not be ready somewhere before Christmas.

That we know for sure is:

That we start on friday the 3rd at 16.00 hour until 19.00 hour. Registration starts at 14.00 hour

We close the Combat Camp on sunday the 5th around 15.00 hour

Training on saturday and sunday will start at 09.00 hour

We will work on 8 mats totally, offering about 80 classes during the camp!

You do not want to miss this! A great way to start the new year!!

See you on the mat in Hörby!







JJIF Continental B and National Referee Course


Dear referees,

As you might have heard from your Federation or through the JJIF, are we this year first the first time offering an Official JJIF Continental Referee Course as well a National Referee education. If you want to join us at the Camp to follow the Continental B Course you can register yourself through the website. There is just one extra thing you have to do to complete your application. You have to fill out the JJIF Application form and send that to Mr. Roel van Ravens.

You find the application form here!

Click on “download” in the menue and then click on:

Registration Form for Referee Courses EJJU

Referees who will apply for National licens, of course clear this with their own Federation first and then can apply directly on the Combat Camps website.

For questions about the contents of the course or all referee related questions you can contact Mr Henrik Sandberg (JJIF Referee Director) on e-mail: Please note that JJIF Ne Waza will be part of the course as well!

For all practical questions concerning the camp you contact Mr Michael Kuntz on

We look very much forward to see you on the camp!

P.S. It will be possible to register on the Combat Camp Website from the start of next week. We are working on that right now.

New registrations today from Denmark and Italy!

Today we have received new registrations from Denmark and Italy!! Please remember that we have training for everybody! Self defence, judo, karate, boxing, Duo System, Fighting System and Ne waza. We also have a National and International referee course. On Saturday we want to have a little event with martial arts and entertainment!! Let´s make a great camp and celebrate the new year together!

New registrations are coming in!

In a little more then two months time, the second Combat Camp Sweden will start. All ready now we have received registrions from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands!! We know that more countries will follow. Please tell about the camp in your club and let´s make this years camp even better then last years!!

See you in January!!