Benjamin Lah

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Celje, Slovenia
Fighting system -94kg
Judo, jujitsu coach

World champion
European champion

I started in a world of martial arts 20 years ago with judo. After 10 years of being Slovenian champion in all age categories and competing internationally, l decided that l need something more exciting and more interesting. So l started to do jujitsu.

The beginnings were really hard. During all this years l never gave up and l just try my best and with a hard work l achieved that now l am one of the best fighter in the world under 94kg. This sport means really a lot to me, l have learned so much also for my life.

Dedication and training, competing with my heart brought me where l am now. I am having a lot of fun training and doing new techniques, l learn every day something new.

This feeling standing on the mat is one of the best one for me.