Giancarlo Bagnulo

Giancarlo Bagnulo is a 7th  Dan (highest possible rank in the FIJLKAM federation) Master instructor of Ju Jitsu, Judo and Self Defence.
  • National Coordinator of ACSI Martial Arts in Italy
  • Formerly the Technical Manager of Ju Jitsu at FIJLKAM (the Italian federation of Judo, Wrestling, Karate and Martial Arts.)
  • International Expert of Ju Jitsu and Self Defence, certified by JJIF.
  • Member of the Italian Ju Jitsu Technical Commission and the National Exam Commission och black belts and qualification degrees since 1985.
  • President & Member of the Technical Committee for MGA since 2008
  • President of the Ju Jitsu Technical Committee since 2014
  • Self Defence instructor at the Institute of Penitentiary Police, the Finance Police of Orvieto and training courses of Coast Guard Instructors.
  • A world wide traveller who regularly visits many countries where he has a long standing cooperation with many international masters from different organisations.
  • Masestro Bagnulo is an active force in the volonteer organisation “Kids Kicking Cancer”
  • He is also an advocate for the growth and establishment of Ju Jitsu in several African Counties where he was the Technical director of JJAUF (Ju Jitsu Africa Union) after strongly supporting the foundation of the federation!