Toni Petrov

Work experience:

  • 8 years was head of the group for specialized police operations
  • From 2000 to now is the Chief instructor of police personal protection of the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria
  • From 2004 to now teaches Karate and Jiu Jitsu at the National Sports
    Academy in Sofia

Martial arts experience:

  • VІІ Dan ju jitsu, ІV Dan karate Shotokan. Grand master in jiu jitsu and
    International police operational procedures, Instructor in the Department for self-defense for the army, police and security companies ( JJIF )
  • Head of the Department of Karate self-defense at the Bulgarian National Karate Federation
  • Karate and ju jitsu competitor 1984 – 1998 year, European champion in a Special self-defense /Tenerife, Spain 2012/ Carried out seminars for International Ju Jitsu Federation, Central Asian Ju Jitsu Union, African Ju Jitsu Union, Balkan Ju Jitsu federation, Ju Jitsu Federations of Kazakhstan, Greece, FIJLKAM Italy, Russia, France, Tunisia, Krav maga Italy, karate clubs from England, Romania, Italy, Serbia, Nord Makedonia, Germany Bundes Police, Spain Police and others. Until now has held over 150 international seminars /karate, sport karate, jiu jitsu, jiu jitsu sport, self-defense for the police and security guards, self-defense for women/

Seminar Topics:

  • Japanese system martial аrts and Karate & Jiu Jitsu.
  • Self-defense for the army, police and security companies, self-defense for women, self-defense for citizens.


  • Methods for organizing self-defense competitions for the army, police and
    security companies (accepted from JJIF), programs for teaching students in the
    National Sports Academy – Sofia, policemen from Specialized Tactical Groups
    and the Police Academy, Organization work
  • Police self-defense textbook – 1 edition in Spanish language and 2 editions in
    Bulgarian, with the purpose of teaching the policemen in European countries.
  • Methods for women self-defence
  • Methods karate self-defence